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An independent house - this also for a long time your dream ?

You let us then realize your dream.

Our self-construction-concept in wood-framework-construction-manner is simple. You are willing to aim even hand and to grab.

Here, you see to finally bring an approved method, house-construction and prices in unison. Their house even builds and saves money powerfull on that occasion - this can also you .

You get high quality from us at affordable prices .

We want, this your dream reality becomes.

You can build this house without crane themselves. All elements are so prefabricated that they can be moved by two normally powerful people without problems.
  The elements let themselves easily link  
Also the blanket-elements let themselves transfer easily without crane.
An elaborate construction-instruction, as well as a leaflet with important information to the construction is included of course. Our carpenter likes to stand by the side for you with advice and action.
An elaborate construction-instruction, as well as a leaflet as well within shortest time can be celebrated topping-out ceremony

You for only get the kit for this house

30.000,00 Euro

To be able to say what for a splendid feeling:
''We have our house self-built!''

All houses of the house exhibition outer the half-timbering are available as self-construction-houses.

Arrange a not binding advice-date with us .









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